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Social Tools? Retail?

Adina Levin posts a follow-up on Ross's post.

I find blogs much more interesting to surf than profile databases like Ryze -- you get a much richer picture of a person's interests and personality from their blog.

Actually, this may be a reflection of the profile quality, or it may simply reflect that the first 30 seconds rule applies to blogs and profiles too.

It would be great to be able to navigate from a blog to the person's contact information, add that person to one's list of contacts, and invite them to be your contact (connecting the weblog with Ryze).

Yes! This is really the key starting point. Currently we have "add to my blogroll" or "add to my news subscriptions (RSS)", neither requires a declaration or personal contact. There is also no community spirit. Ryze encourages new members to sign my guestbook. If the blogging community adopted the same type of approach, even if the equivalent of the "rubber stamp" -- read dated.... x. you could always track back to a mini-profile and perhaps for a small fee e-mail them.

She closes with a nice comment "part of the same category". I was forced to think about categories just yesterday. What was once hardware and software are emerging categories for "mobility on the move", "my visual world", "the connected home", the "indulgent techie", and "professional business". Hardware and Software, nothing but nuts and bolts.

So I'm wondering where the Social category fits in. What's it look like? How's it merchandised? Is it worth going back to Miss Manners and reviewing classic social graces, etiquette? How do you shop for it? At the moment it can't be much beyond a flea market.

Are we talking about dressing up for the online exchange? What's the fashion, what are the accessories. Remember when Daytimers became "huge business" or Steven Covey? I'd like to hear from the social toolmakers. What sort of stores are you going to retail it in?

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