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What vs Whom? Knowledge Kitchen.

Having invested yet another couple of hours today in “Attention Economics” and “Live Directories” and the implications for business models the concept discussion returned to the enterprise and KM. Knowledge management has taken the rap for creating information repositories of what is. In Foodie terms; the Freezer model reflects cold and stale prepackaged meals often frozen in time. The proliferation of e-mail and electronic documents has simply added size to the freezer. With disk space vs legal threats, the only other issue is the defrosting policy.

KM has yet to discover the hidden food groups, or get beyond the labeling. If we are lucky we find the authors, while the diet of ingredients the author crossed paths are beyond bibliographies hard to find.

When we what to know something, we search out the person “in the know”. There’s a good chance they’ve learnt something since they last posted. This is the neglected side of knowledge management. Other than the tacit vs. explicit arguments “conversational” KM has never really cut it. Strategic conversations, scenarios, story-telling, are all unofficial ways of creating and transmitting emergent learning. However, they don’t happen unless the right people are there, which seldom happens solely within traditional structures.

So what would a conversational form of knowledge management look like? It won’t follow the freezer model; it’s less interested in what you know, and more interested in whom you are and where to find you. Perhaps “tossed salad”? It a model that’s always looking for people, to broker new trust, to expand networks and create opportunities.

What’s different, you participate not to be “tossed” or frozen. You participate simply as an ingredient. When the enterprise increases access to “ingredients” new recipes will emerge. ----- Now we’re cooking!

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