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Communities and Discovery

I'm wondering if Conversational Blogging will merge into a new thread around the impact of using emerging blogging tools, for accelerating innovation, and trust across communities.  Check out Collective Intelligence and Community Inelligence

George Por blogs on: Knowledge <- Intelligence <- Wisdom writing about complexity and urgency is clearly seeing the tools take a new direction and the shift in values summing it up by closing: "Exploring and embodying together these questions is the highest adventure I can think of for the rest of my life's work."

In a separate posting on a related blog, Erik identifies three ways in a recent posting Value-Creation by Communities of Practice to introduce diversity in innovation communities

  • geographical diversity (e.g. The Asia Office with The European Office)
  • social diversity (e.g. bringing sales people into a business development community)
  • organizational diversity (e.g. bringng customers into the innovation community)

I think there is another that represents little danger for the organization with enormous upside. 

Consider "Remarkable People". They tend to look at the world through different lenses often spanning disciplines.  Sometimes the counter-intuitive question, the fresh perspectives from people not immersed in the culture and beliefs of the organization is often extremely enriching - leading to breakthroughs.

Conversations that develop around around critical uncertainties (certain/important - just do it / uncertain/unimportant - why contemplate it) at the intersection of importance and uncertainty, tend to be more interesting and lead to more new perspectives.  Don't you think?

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