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Blogroll Philosophies

Is the recent change to blogrolls disruptive?  Are new category capabilities worth the small $10 fee? Is such a simple change a disruptive innovation?

A wonderful post dealing with blogging philosopies and links can be found here at Electric Venom:Blogging Thoughts and Philosophies.  Nice descriptions for iso-blogging, extra-blogging, and intra-blogging.

Made me wonder some more about the recent premium service offered by blogrolling.  I rapidly caught on when I saw more readable blogrolls broken into 5 or 6 per group.  So I upgraded and now have a list that only displays the last 24 posts in most recent order.  My blogroll remains much larger.  However, I've yet to see a day where they all update.

While that was an easy change.  I'm now confronted with what to use the other rolls for.  That requires categories, or redefined relationships.  Then I've got the problem that managing my blogroll doesn't manage my newsreader subsciptions.  So I'm yet to figure out what to do with the functionality.  As far as I know I still can't find out via blogrolls who links to me.  Maybe this is a little time saver for something that is fairly static. 

Can Blogrolls please make reciprocal linking easy!  Can you tie it to my newreader? Plus a few example on how to use the extra functionality might be helpful.   

Correction:  I can make recip rolls.  I'll execute it soon.  Thanks Kate for pointing it out.  Was clearly too late.  Apologies  Jason at Blogrolling. 

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Great news: you can in fact find out who links to you using Blogrolling. You'll see "Recip Roll" as one of the options and can select it then insert code on your page to see who is blogrolling you (if they also have blogroll). I have an example of it at the bottom of this page: http://www.electricvenom.com/biteme.php.

And thank you very much for the kind words on my article, Stuart.

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