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Individually Social Software?

A Wonderful article "Smarter, Simpler, Social".  provides a great introduction to social software.

A few perspective sentences that really grabbed me.  

  •  " Enterprise software itself is grounded in out-dated "process thinking".....
  • free online social applications are achieving usage levels and a depth of user engagement that enterprise software purchasers can only dream about....”
  •  the popular model of the value chain is also an engineering concept, derived from expanding the process view to the business as a whole. …
  •   closed networks amplifies predispositions….
  •  Maintain a healthy level of connections between people so that when and where they need to they can connect effectively with others….

The authors also make a nice point about emergent metadata.---- goes beyond syndication toward synchronization.  ….. Manage personal knowledge according to their own individual perspectives.  This all after starting the piece noting busineses face a crisis

It's the individual area I think I'd like to learn more about.  Maybe it is just a suspicion, but smarter, simpler, social seems to miss out an individual element.  Perhaps it is self evident.  Smarter simpler software at the individual level then enables new opportunities to emerge.  Just like mass customization I suspect the individual has a larger role to play. I’d add the individual is also the customer.

Personal knowledge spaces are very real-time. Expanding real-time PKS will enable more innovation though better connectivity.  Some time back I blogged a short piece PKnF – Personal Knowledge networking Friends.  

One paradigm that is missing is the amount of duplication we are all going to be able to have.  The collaborative – collective personal info assets will outweigh the business info assets.  When that’s true, organizations have to compete on their design, sociability, and adaptive capability.  Wealth then is in the creative friction, the touch points between individuals.

A parallel piece --- one that is completely counter-intuitive to most is www.xpertweb.com and what Brit and Flemming are doing.  It’s a new form of knowledge contracting.  It’s time is nearing.  Add to that the capability to hold the library of congress on our key chain, the question may be how we make it much more useful?  


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