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Trust requires transparency

To find Jim McGees post on Trust Security and OD after writing on LinkedIn today seemed appropriate particularly as LinkedIn is a closed system. 

"Humans gain trust by interacting and "getting to know" people. Transparent technologies that make it easy to see what people and companies are up to (in a sense the opposite of firewalls) are what help me trust. I like Reagan's saying: "trust, but verify". It implies that trust requires means for openness, not firewalls and secretiveness." SATN.org: David Reed,

Somehow I think bloggers are opening up perhaps just so we can get to know someone and make some new connections.  Having a degree of broken or incomplete connections is probably ok.  That's exploratory.  We also desire collaboration, that's in smaller groups. 

Jim uses a chart reproduced below created by Bob Keidel of whom I'm not familiar and writes:

Typically we tend to think only in terms of the tradeoff between control and autonomy. His, richer, model introduces a third point of cooperation and suggests that organization design problems can be treated as looking for a spot somewhere inside the triangle instead of somewhere along one of its edges. The trend has been northward towards more recognition of cooperation and, hopefully, away from stale debates about control or autonomy

I'd gone off triangles..... and would like to see the tittles changed to reflect the knowledge organization.  Replace Control, Cooperation and Autonomy with Leadership, Learning and Leverage and we may conclude that innovation and communities of practice go together.  They work when there's the context and discipline to ask better questions.  Which for me is a balance and mixing it up between leadership and frontline understanding - leverage!



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Hi there. This item caught my eye, as I wrote an article titled "Trust and Transparency - Wirearchy and the Emerging Business Environment" back 6 months or so ago. It was published on HR.com, and on my website.

Warren Bennis once said "hierarchy is a prosthesis for trust, while networks are a rich every-which-way Okefenokee of communications."

Seems to me that the current "phase transition" (as we are still learning what it may mean to live in a networked, inetrconnected world), is falling back on a reliance on hierarchy, while people are looking to simplify and sense-make of complexity and turbulence, and...there are large patterns (fractals ??) of self-organization begin to make an appearance, i.e. blogs, the support economy, and so on.

Lou Gerstner, in his recent book, stated that his largest challenge in dealing with major change was people at IBM using hierarchy as a "crutch".

Wonder what things will be like when we have another ten years of this new experience under our collective belts - utopia ?? or dystopia ??

Transparency and trust (?) , or spin, propaganda and unconsciousness born of attention deficit and cynicism (?)

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