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Living Networks

I met with Ross Dawson today he was in SF for a book launch and I was about to fly out for Paris. Ross kindly gave me a copy of his latest book “Living Networks” which then became my flight reading material. Our conversations included the speed of developments, blogging, collaborative filters, P2P updates and trust. Trust really will be a key to seeing Living Networks emerge.

I’d have to recommend this book to anyone whose enterprise is yet to think deeply about network strategies in a world of pervasive global connectivity. It impressed me for its currency. So many books are out of date by months when published. If you want an update on everything all in one place this is a good investment. Ross’s examples are up to date, global in perspective and consistently woven throughout the book. It’s an easy read, much more strategic than theoretical or observational a book clearly targeted a the professional manager. An excellent synthesis and encouraging read. Thanks Ross.

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