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French Connection

To arrive in France is always an experience. This time was no different, just the experience was a little unexpected. Most flights from London to Paris were cancelled. Turned out the whole country was on strike. Well almost. The whole government sector, so no public transportation, no trains, not buses, just the odd taxi. Made my trip out to Fontainebleau a little more challenging and expensive than it might otherwise have been. As always these things work out… we made it to the destination just a few hours later than expected.

A separate anecdote for the small world. When the snacks were served by BA the traveler next to me said to the Stewardess, “I’ll have a wine – must support the home country.” I thought this a little strange --- while flying to France he clearly wasn’t French. Looking at the label I saw it was a New Zealand wine and so naturally made a comment. Turns out he worked for the NZ Treasury and was attending a World Bank Conference in Paris. As we talked --- scenarios emerged --- and he asked if I knew a colleague of his who had taken a scenario course in SF and returned raving about it. Turned out it was a program Jay Ogilvy and I had run. Yep it’s a small world and just another benefit and reminder for reaching out.

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