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Collaborative Roadmap

Like most things it turns out Blikis' and BlogWiki's are not new, in fact a few pioneering spirits have been working on this meme for some time. In my last post I mentioned my desire to explore wiki/MT connections.   

See BlogTweaks which should be written as a WikiWord is Chris Dents integration of Purple numbers and his MT blog.  It's not clear to me yet if this has progressed to an MT plug-in. 

Collaboration Roadmap (WebSeitzWiki) Bob Seitz says he's interested in making groups more effective at both thinking and doing.  "Collective Intelligence" is the paradigm I think he's looking for.  I particularly like his "Universal Inbox".  The word "dashboard" is particularly appropriate. 

Martin Fowler's Bliki says "I wanted something that was a cross between a wiki and a blog - which Ward Cunningham immediately dubbed a bliki. Like a blog, it allows me to post short thoughts when I have them. Like a wiki it will build up a body of cross-linked pieces that I hope will still be interesting in a year's time." This later thought could be very powerful in a collaborative blogging environment.

From there I caught a link to SnipSnap  some free and easy to install Weblog and Wiki Software written in Java. I was ready to download that too and try it.  Except the install instructions were on the cryptic side. I wasn't really sure I'd get it to work on my server in just a few minutes.   

Are blogs and wiki's converging?  Are bliki's the future?  There's merits in following this scenario and keeping more than a watching eye. 


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The PurpleWiki MT integration work is only partly an MT plugin. At this time MT provides no hook during entry and comment saving operations that can be reached from the plugins in a straightforward manner. The PurpleWiki parser needs to add the purple numbers to the entry text right before it is saved. So MT::Entry and MT::Comment have been modified to get things to work.

When the text is presented it is manipulated by a Text Formatting plugin.

Both presentation and saving run the text through the PurpleWiki parser and view classes that are used by the wiki proper.

Adjusting the changes into a pure plugin is possible, but I've not yet been able to find the time.

I do think it is worth it though: integrating my wiki and my blog has proven helpful. The Wiki provides a great deal of context. It acts as something of a conceptual disctionary for me.

In addition the latest changes to the code allow transcluding node based (header, list, paragraph) content between wiki pages, between blog pages and between wiki and blog pages. And that's just down right cool.

Getting WikiWord markup is cool by itself and provides excellent context, adding purple numbers helps make reference (and provides the warm, secure feeling of knowing you can make reference later) and together it's great.

What was cryptic about SnipSnap installation? Could we help?

The PurpleWiki MT plugin is available for pre-release download and testing if you'd like to give it a try.

See this blog entry for more:


PurpleWiki 0.9, which contains the MT plugin, has been released. Many bugs have been fixed and more features documented. Instructions for installing the plugin are included with the distribution.

See: http://www.blueoxen.org/tools/purplewiki/

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