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Will Blogging Emerge in Business

Last week I was involved in briefing a group of knowledge innovators.  In the lead up I found myself creating links and examples.  Rather than just leave them hidden it seems more relevant to just blog them.

There is little doubt that lists help.  The stories that go with them and the ones we pull together.  Start a list and soon you realize that one item leads to another.  So what are some examples of blogs and business?   What are the potential uses for these techniques to provide services, sell products, build brands and communicate with stakeholders. Some starting points.

  • K-logs promise to be inexpensive, lightweight, and valuable knowledge management tools, especially for teams.
  • Community Centric Communications: Steven Lundin portrays a world in which online communities are taking over the role once reserved for PR in his article The fall of PR and the rise of Community-Centric Communications. See a synosis here.
  • BLOGS IN BUSINESS: THE WEBLOG AS FILING CABINET “He says: "Weblogs could be a mechanism to coherently codify and 'publish' in a completely voluntary and personal manner the individual worker's entire filing cabinet, complete with annotations, marginalia, post-its and personal indexing system." 
  • Team Brief - Community Brief This provides a brief contrast between the "Team Brief" and B-Blogs. So far there's been little discussion around blogging and the team brief concept. I suspect there is an opportunity here to combine these concepts and call it the "Community Brief". 
  • Blogs and Forums Tom Coates article "Discussion and Citation in the Blogsphere" is a must read for anyone thinking about the impact of blogging on threaded discusssions. Great diagrams and analysis.

After the first one I realized I had enough in my own blog already to provide links, just demonstrating that blogging becomes more useful over time.  Then I also clipped out one further story. 

Library Look-up was a simple idea. When Jon Udell found himself wondering if he could save a few dollars by getting the book from his local library rather than buying it from Amazon his simple question in just a few days was revolutionizing the local library system. Library Lookup allows you an instant online check of book availability at your local library. What began as an experiment and discussion in the weblog community rapidly demonstrated the disruptive innovative potential of Weblogs, Web services, and digital identity. See also: Can the local library help meet my surging demand for books?

Within this story is a connected community, many who only know it other through their blogs. In real life many of them have never met and yet they are all finding reasons to blog and collaborate. There are many other stories like this around emergent topics, new exchanges and new personal connections. Yet this discussion should not be limited to blogs alone. For there is a whole range of lightweight low cost tools emerging dispensing with the need for large corporate structures.

What stories and example do you have?

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