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Why CI?

Yesterday I said too little about George Por's role and Collective Intelligence in my post "Collaborative Spaces - Transforming Innovation Capital. He's influenced my thinking lately.  So when this post was picked up it was neat, but it also signals the need for a broader conversation and exploration of the CI community and their work.   

So this post is a little about sharing George.  He's an expert in CI and long time evangelist.  We have different and I believe complementary takes on the diagram and how to use it; sensing there is a new kind of operating system emerging.  I wouldn't have labelled it CI2.0 without a push from him.  I've been keen to understand the emerging tools and the corresponding benefits and provide a synthesis and premise for accelerating innovation and strategy development. I do think CI2.0 frames it.  I'm also a believer that part of very premise (of CI) - is to share and learn together.  So posting / blogging is like testing.. / prototyping. I'm hoping George that you and others will join in and take it to the next level. 

From George's Blog of Collective Intelligence: Cognitive relations, relations of knowledge production  "The main infrastructure concern of today's enterprise is still how to best use technologies for managing data, information, and knowledge, not for augmenting human intelligence, individual and collective. ..."

Separately, this links to George's workshop "Collective Intelligence 2.0" which may provide another line of inquiry and suggest other ways of exploring the path forward.

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Hi Stuart.

Great work on the collaborative spaces model. It might be worth noting that the competitive intelligence community actively uses the acronym CI for their work, and certifies CI professionals.

CI is the logical abbreviation for Collective Intelligence (I like that term) but the acronym could be quite confusing.

-- twf

Once again we see the competition vs cooperation paradigm emerging. It is all about the two faces of the same coin -- how we work with our environment. I beleive that none of us is as smart as all of us and that cooperation(in communities) will always win out for the human species (as it does for all other animal species (see Matt Ridley's book The Origins of Virtue) over indiscriminate competition.
Stick to Collective Intelligence as the name of this search/movement/manifesto. I've been to several briefings about/from the Competitive Intelligence pundits and they leave me stone cold. Ignore them they are a dying breed!

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