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I feel there's a ready interest in making blogs more conversational.  So I find it particularly frustrating when contributing to different forums and then finding myself exhausted and too tired to sum it up for my blog.  At that point I feel like I'm suffering all this information is being posted to separate places - different communities and my retrieval is difficult. 

Mark Carey created an interesting slant on his new blog Web Dawn which contains more than one posting on Blogs vs Forums.  He created a forum view after a threaded discussion.  I quickly experimented with it here.  After reading it and flicking around I've found my self rereading my "Conversational Blogging" Category. The comments from Abe, Marc, Roger and more  on Mark's post here are insightful.

I believe that blogs are not forums and forums should not be blogs, however clearly connecting them up creates additional value. Blogs from time to time do take on the attribute of forums.  There are an interesting set of posting at the Knowledge Board and Dave Pollard recently posted his thoughts on the Communications and Media Forms.  What I like about Dave's post is in this thought:

"I see the weblog becoming a ubiquitous communication medium, a proxy for every individual, where everything you want to know about that individual (which they have given you permission to see) can be called up. The effect of that will be to eliminate many communications whose purpose is simply to get information. The blog will be the main vehicle by which we educate, inform and explain"...

This is another good slant on blogging lifestreams and I agree that integrated voice - video chat is a killer app.  What I think I'm missing in these descriptions is how inbound communications will be handled.  Will blogs also become RSS / newsreader feed centric?  If so I need to be getting updates on the comments that are placed on the blogs I read.  Good posts that I'm interested in in my newsreader should also enable me to track comments and trackbacks to them.  At the moment I don't know how to get this easily....

Then finally as a note to Mark Carey's comments:  MT has a plug-in that can be adapted to work with simple comments called Collate.  However, I've not worked how to provide separate labels for trackbacks and comments yet.  I have experimented with it as part of a personal dashboard.


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Thanks for the mention, Stuart. I agree with you that blogs are not forums and forums are not blogs -- but that they can play well together.

"Will blogs also become RSS / newsreader feed centric? If so I need to be getting updates on the comments that are placed on the blogs I read."

With regard to the above quote, see my entry on Blog Conversation Syndication. Essentially each entry has an RSS feed that includes the comments. So, if you leave a comment on my blog, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for that entry in order to keep track of subsequent responses. I think this is a great way to keep blog conversations going - after you post comments on 10-15 blogs, what are the chances that you are going to make it back to the entry page for each of those entries to read the rest of the discussion? Unfortunately, I don't think many blogs provide feeds like this (yet).

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