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Read the News Solution

I've been trying to read the news for the last six hours as I've tried every newsreader under the sun. After awhile I remembered a comment from Kate to check out Sharpreader. Guess what it integrates with wBloggar and thus solves most of my issues in a more elegant way. So now I can repost the news... and this is worth reposting:

This just in from David Galbraith.....

One small step for Technorati..

Something interesting is happening in the world of online identities. The end goal is clear - a distributed, decentralized identity system where people have control over their own identity online - a people's 'Passport' or what Marc Canter envisages as a people's DNS. The problem is how to get there. Perhaps it will happen, in part, from the ground up through small steps such as personal data in systems such as Technorati or one line bio's as personal RSS headlines? In fact, in true Dave Sifry style, Technorati seems to already be moving along these lines: see Technorati Profiles and check out the picture.

Over the longer term, this is perhaps as ground breaking as what weblogs have done for web publishing and ultimately will leverage the weblog model to its full potential by creating a parry to content through people's interests and requirements, creating a marketplace for RSS.

[David Galbraith]

It's all happening at the same time. Joi's Identity post, the OpenIdentity usage scenarios and now Technorati's profiles.  All within 24 hours of each other.

[Marc's Voice]

Plus I can add my own comments now using wBloggar. Greg thanks for your quick response it's exemplary. However, I have decided to remove NewsCrawler from my system. I had these issues with it.

  • While it integrated nicely in Outlook it provided only excerpts without a second preview window. Meaning I couldn't really treat it like I would e-mail.
  • Scrolling was incomplete and full posts difficult to get to.
  • It significanly impacted on the speed of Outlook despite resetting so it didn't start on start-up. I'm sure a new PC will cure it, just not today.
  • Then there was that dreaded instant post feature. However more importantly it impacted on my ability to simply post to multiple blogs just like you e-mail from multiple e-mail accounts.
  • I wanted to be able to repost from one newsreader to multiple blogs on different servers. Sharpreader works with wBloggar and solves this problem as multiple accounts are possible.

I think when NewsGator Version 1.3 is ready I may well return and try it.  At the moment it remains in beta. 


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Hi Stuart,

Just thought I'd take a moment to address your issues here...

Excerpts - hmm, not sure what you mean here. NewsGator shows as much content as is available; if the feed only provides excerpts, that's all it will show, but if the feed provides full content you'll see it all. Perhaps you were talking about the NewsPage - 1.2 only shows excerpts there. 1.3 includes an option to view full post content on the NewsPage, so that may help you out. Outside of the NewsPage, everything works exactly like email...and in fact, many folks don't use the NewsPage at all.

Scrolling and full posts difficult to get to - I'm guessing you're talking about the NewsPage again...if so, that should be covered in 1.3. If it was something else, can you elaborate?

Speed - you will notice a slowdown when new posts are being created in Outlook; it should be similar to the slowdown you get when Outlook is storing new mail messages from a POP account. There really shouldn't be any other perceptible performance impact.

wBloggar - a tricky tidbit for you here - the wBlogger plug-in you're using with SharpReader will also work with NewsGator; just copy the plug-in files to \program files\newsgator\plugins. :-)

Hope this helps - and please do try 1.3 when it's available!

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