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Skype? or LivePerson

When words return it makes blogging a lot more satisfying. When I receive a call from a new Skype user who clicks on my blog and introduces himself as the organizer of last nights event you know answering created more value than ever losing him to a profile link on your site. I hope he doesn't mind my sharing... he was using MP3 headphones as the speaker (see Skype help) and it worked just fine. Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to check out new technology. I'm sympathetic with his interest.

And no it's not the only call I've had today. I began to think... wouldn't it be nice to have a LiveBlogger behind every blog. I saw Don Parks post --- too late his Skype link was gone. Would have liked his input. So all this connecting had me reflecting on LivePerson a business that I visited a few years ago. So I checked up on their claims for small businesses. Thought they may give me a hint as to the value of reaching a "LiveBlogger". Here's their pitch. :

Sell “instantly”by chatting with your customers.
Offer them special deals, up-sell, cross-sell…

Easily assist multiple customers simultaneously, save money over phone calls.

Give them the service they deserve from a real person.

While there they offered me a LiveChat with Camilla. I don't know if they are all Camilla's there or if this was a unique individual. Here's a snatch"

Camilla: This chat service is text and image based
you: ok
Camilla: We don't support voice over IP as of yet
you: right thanks - are you planning too?
Camilla: Are you familiar with our services and features?
you: i checked the listing
Camilla: Yes, voice is still in development

Camilla: Can you please tell me a bit about your business and Web site?
you: no can't --- for a client - doing a little investigating - thought this might provide an avenue but I'm not sure
Camilla: If you'd like to see a list of features available in the LivePerson Pro package click here. (clicked)
Camilla: Since voice is what you're looking for
you: yep thanks
Camilla: or is it something else?
you: no voice facility --- at exceptionally low cost -- it is a global audience
Camilla: Well, voice isn't a part of what we currently offer
you: I understand
Camilla: and aside for a few cases there's not much demand for it either
you: why is that? is it cost?
Camilla: When voice is introduced , it takes off the edge a chat has over telephone converstaions
you: interesting please explain
Camilla: Like the ability to handle multiple simultaneous chats
you: how many are you handling now?
Camilla: for instance
Camilla: 4
Camilla: features like the "histroy" are also disabled
Camilla: when doing "voice" chats
you: makes sense
Camilla: The History Function feature allows all of your operators to access the Chat and Navigation history of any repeat visitor to your website, at a click of a button. While your operators are chatting, they can see what other questions that visitor has asked in the past, and see where they have visited on your site......

Camilla: Another great feature commonly used in text chats
Camilla: is the canned response feature

My takeaway, SkyperBloggerPhone makes me more accessible, accelerates conversations, bridges gaps the poorly or quickly written word can't cover at no cost to me other than my time. Better personal linkages mean more referrals, and ulitmately better blogging from me.

Now as Ken noted. I just need an audible "Speak to my blog feature" that automatically forwards to my e-mail when I'm away and plays on opening. So who's going to offer me a voice message facility to go with this?

Well that sums it up. Should LivePerson hustle on their VoIP solution? What's the impact of the Skype model on their business, and how it is structured? Only time will tell.

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