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WSJ Backgrounds Skype

Made the WSJ very quickly!

WSJ on Skype:  "It's easy to dismiss Skype and other Internet voice initiatives as a lunatic fringe," said James Enck, a telecom analyst at Daiwa in London.

As expected by this weblog: But Janus Friis, one of the founders of Skype and its vice president of strategy, recently said the company plans to launch a service within six months to allow people to make calls over Skype using their traditional phones. Skype intends to make money by selling a package of additional telephone services to users, such as voice mail, Mr. Friis said. Phone calls will remain free.

Stockholm-based Skype is closely held. Draper Investment Co., established by American venture capitalist William H. Draper III, was the founding investor in Skype in 2002. (Tim Draper is an investor in Streamcast Networks, the operator of Morpheus).

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