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Writing - Talking - Writing - Talking Different

Mitch provides more thoughts on the business model for Skype. What's attractive to me is the "global" flat rate of this demonstration. Even the emerging VoIP carriers like "Vonage" aren't providing a global flat rate. Now the global rate just went to almost zero and the cost of the infrastruture moved to the edge.

The real business model is in linking VoIP to plain old telephones, including 911, which would make a broadband connection into a true phone instead of a closed P2P system like Skype.

The debate now is over what Skype is... [Ratcliffe Blog]

I do agree with Mitch's POV that this is not the only VoIP option. I'd add that there are other business models too. For example we may not want a phone system run like KQED or PBS, which has a good on air record. There are a good number of value added services that will be interesting. Let's see what emerges. What do others think?

I'm excited by what I'm seeing in the blogosphere as individuals are connecting up who have never talked before. In seconds in terms of time we are moving from Blogs as Clipper Ships where one exchanges letters and comments to the Jet Age where networking becomes even more important. It was a "writing world" and now it's a "writing - talking" world. For the bloggers that have talked it is materially different. What were weak ties, or public exchanges of letters gather additional warmth with real conversations. Voice strengthens weak ties quickly. I never had an opportunity to talk about what I might blog today or that I wanted to respond. Skype is a way by which bloggers with weak ties can strengthen them. Each new conversation adds to my delight and fuels my interest to keep blogging. Then that's probably natural. Voice to me is an easier medium to share in than just text.

Accelerating Voice conversations will lead to better blogs. If someone you like to see reading didn't blog this week. Skype them and find out why?


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I spent a whole load of time today in trying to contact Dell support to help me fix a bug in my PC. I had to hold on for over 40 mins before a customer service person actually took my call - and then another 10 minutes or so before i was re-directed to the right person for help. Made me think how easy it would be if they had a 'skype me' support line - i could just buzz them with a skype me request to call - and they could get back to me when i'm online. So neat if vendors of software and support centers could build this into their systems.


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