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Interesting Skype Failure

I was just Skyping with Mitch when we both began receiving Microsoft failure notices - Skype has to close. Ultimately Skype went completely down. As we tried to log back on I at first saw some 3000 online, then 12317 and then the rebuild appeared to accelerate reaching 45000+ pretty quickly. However this is still down from an earlier peak I saw this moring that logged 63346 as being online. This is roughly double two weeks ago and up approx. +50% versus one week ago.

Our conclusion was it was a "cascading failure of the peer directory systems. Is this balancing between broadband and dial-up? I have no idea. We do know and accept it is currently "BETA" software still with some glitches. Within minutes of various reboots it seems to be up and running again. In the meantime we finished our call via Vonage... at a lower sound quality - although we remained connected.

Was fascinating to see the peers re knitting the web and their numbers climbing. Clearly such global failures have to be eliminated!

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