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FWD and VoIP

An article in Forbes provides a short sighted view of the changes currently happening in the consumer VoIP market. Apparently FWD (Free World Dialup) has been around for 10 months and until a month ago I'd never heard of it. Like the burgeoning social networks I'm wondering how many of these systems I need or want. ONE! The article does provide a good example for anonymity which can't be excuted the same way on Skype right now. May have to try it out and see if it will run side by side with Skype.

Free World Dialup from Forbes.com: Talking In The Free World

To some this will seem like more trouble than it's worth. Just as the economics of using FWD don't necessarily add up, neither do the economics of offering it. For now, Pulver runs FWD out of the goodness of his heart. Which is fine, since the whole system runs on a $5,000 dual-processor Linux server. But what if you wanted to make money offering IP phone service?

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Actualy FWD was be there years ago, the original concept of FWD 1.0 is a plan to let people contribute their local telephone line whilist he can also use others to make free calls. We could say FWD is a P2P telephone line sharing project. It is a good concept, however, since even local call cost $$, most people want to use free call but don't wish to contribute phone line. So the FWD 1.0 was suspended.

Today's FWD is 2.0, it's more like a broadband phone system, it's SIP based, so everyone with a broadband connection and a SIP teminal, whatever hardware or software, can be a FWD member and place free calls to each other.

I think FWD is not popular is becuase it's purpose is just a toy for technical fans. Like it's founder, Mr. Pulver.

Skype is more business oriented, since it's made by most popular Kazza's company, it's too easy to be popular. Kazza have a so BIG installbase.

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