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Duplicating Skype Friends

I've not had time to test this although it's pretty obvious that it will work. Making it difficult would enhance the chances of creating a chargeable product.

www.skype.com :: View topic - Solution: Copy Skype to another PC.

This is for XP users:

Install Skype on selected PC and fill out User settings exactly as on Original PC.

Now log on and see You're missing all your friends as they are stored locally on your original PC.

1. Make shure to shut down skype on both PC's (exit skype)
2. Browse to this location on your Orig.PC:
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Skype
(Replace Username with your XP username.)
3. Copy the folder(s) from inside the skype folder.
4. Paste the folder(s) to exact same dir on the other PC.
5. Start skype from other PC and you're done.

It works here for me so now I can use Skype on my laptop without re-requesting all the friends.

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