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ISP's Crack Down on IM - VoIP Programs

Dina's comments on What Would You Pay For Skype? meant I caught this newsflash on Indian ISP's and VoIP. May not impact on Skype the same way. Just another way for the incumbents to drive users away. First close chatrooms, second block access, and then refuse to interconnect with programs like Trillian.

In a related development, a large section of domestic (Indian) ISPs have decided to crack down on Internet portals such as MSN and Yahoo!, which offer voice chat facilities on their websites. According to ISPAI secretary Amitabh Singhal, "From a strictly legal point of view, if these portals do not have ISP licences, they cannot offer voice calls over the Internet.

Either they should get an ISP licence or get into tie-ups with an ISP that has a licence for offering Internet telephony services. Therefore, there is now a move within the ISP community to bring these portals into the revenue share loop as well." Net2Phone may share revenue with local ISPs - The Economic Times


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