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Strip The Verbage and Cautious Industry Leader Skypes

Jeff Pulver blogs the Skype story. His view of Skype appears softer less bullish than mine. The overall post focused on the technology, and the length of time "similar" VoIP has been around. However, strip away the extra verbage and this (my bold) is what he says...

Skype provides a freely available product that well, just works. And this is a breakthrough and is a significant step forward in the evolution of consumer VoIP services.

The Skype team has proven to me that there are millions of people who don't mind using their PCs as a platform to communication. Until now this was an open question in my mind.

One should thank the Skype team for an application which is helping to introduce a new generation of people to the killer app of the Internet...Voice.

As Skype continues to evolve as an internet application, it will be real interesting to watch how extensions to Skype based presence starts to evolve and the kinds of additional connectivity which becomes available as a result of the advent of Skype.

. [The Jeff Pulver Blog]

Interesting how one well designed user experience can shift a whole paradigm of thinking. Skype is moving voice management to the fringe or edge of the network and beginning the integration with your desktop. If you read this blog and I've not convinced you yet to SkypeMe! (except for old computers etc.) then I should be ashamed of my persuasive powers.

If you run a small virtual business... start using Skype as an "intercom". You can bet the Skype guys do. If you run up international phone calls it makes sense in minutes. My capability and access for collaborating globally has increased n-fold since Skype. Small business put a button on your site. You might just learn something.

If you have any interest in the "desktop" and user behavior then get Skype. If you want me to run a research project for you on Skype I will. Similarly, if you are one of those doubters, or tried it but only have one or two names still on your list. Go out and get some more. And this is why. Because this is becoming my directory. It is more rewarding than my e-mail contact list. It also provides better information symetry. I'd prefer to know how to call someone and text than not call and only send e-mail. Plus with this why do I need Plaxo?

Finally, with all the talk about digital identity.... I find myself with a real name on a real system, simply because it is almost always on. Skype has a lot of real names on it. Ask yourself why is that? Then start thinking about Social Networks for Spam Control. I am!


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what if a skype ala software have a building module just work like plaxo? so it can combine emails and phone together. Image that, when you read a email in outlook, you will instantly find that's guy's online state, and just onclick on that plaxo style button, you are connected to that guy into a voice conversation!

plaxo is like a virus these days, I received so many plaxo emails each day. Anyway, it's a very nice and well designed software, I love to use it.

If plaxo could be extend to a FOAF network, it could be form a hugh social network quickly.

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