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Friends and the Identity Circle

A very nicely put article from Robert Cringely on privacy and identity. He suggests we use our friend of a friend networks to control spam, and provide a degree of verification. This is just the sort of enablement I need for my Skype Caller ID processing. I want a listed number and yet I don't want to be open to abuse. I wrote something similar on these pages some months back. I called it "Identity Circles" which build on "Identity Trust Circles".

Make it one article to read!

At one extreme, we have identity zealots who would plant microchips in our kids. At the other extreme, we have privacy zealots who don't want anyone anywhere to know anything about them or about what they do. Somewhere in the middle, we can probably place most of the rest of us. It is doubtful that we can fully satisfy both extremes at the same time, so the real question is what path will give us the most identity for the least loss of privacy or the most privacy with the least amount of identity?

These concepts of identity and privacy are not polar opposites, though we treat them as such from a public policy standpoint.....PBS | I, Cringely . Archived Column

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