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Now Camera Phone Policies

Time to show the organizations all the good things photoblogs can do. Camera phones have taken many by surprise. Most of us have heard the Gym stories by now. Still applyingHR policies that focus on the technology aren't the answer. Even when you are hearing voices say "ban them". A picture is worth a 1000 words. Is there a CIO that can tell the story pictorially in just 10 pictures? The discussion is just pointless if one looks over the horizon.... camera phones are only the beginning. In the short term phone manufacturers may have to give short sighted customers what they want.

Gizmodo : Removing the camera from the phone Because for security reasons their business customers don't want to issue their employees cellphones that can potentially snap pictures of sensitive company material and documents.
Note this is not Gizmodo's point of view... it just lead me to this thread and Alan Reiter's new blog.
Reiter's Camera Phone Report I think businesses are going to be surprised by the value of camera phones. People will find uses for camera phones they didn't anticipate.

Stopping corporate espionage
A couple of weeks ago I wrote in my Reiter's Wireless Data Web Log about an analyst -- a clueless analyst -- who recommended that corporations ban camera phones even if they don't deal with sensitive products or services.

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