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Waffle on Feedster

Interview provides more insights into Feedster. If you are a Feedster fan read it.
Under the Iron is a series of interviews with web designers, yahoos and people. A new interview is published every once in a while.

Ok. I'm a high tech entrepreneur and software engineer. Hate that pretentious “entre…” word.

I am also a professional search engine geek and most of my career (16 years) has been spent working with search.

My current project is Feedster, a search engine for RSS feeds (i.e. blogs, newsfeeds, structured data).

How does Feedster work, and is it popular?

Popular. Yes. We've only been around since March 2003 and we've seen a rapidly growing and enthusiastic user base. I've heard people refer to us as infrastructure for blogging and there is definitely some truth to that.

waffle: under the iron - #9 Scott Johnson

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