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What Do You Do During Conference Calls?

I too wonder about conference calls. Why is it that those back chat experiments work so well. What's really happening?

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- What are workers really doing during conference calls? A new survey shows most of the time, they're not paying attention to their colleagues.

The RoperASW/Tandberg poll looked at workers in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Norway and Hong Kong, and found in all countries except America and Norway, less than half of workers pay full attention during audio conferences.
So what are they doing instead? Twenty-nine percent of British workers say they doodle, while 22 percent of Germans surf the web. Twenty percent of Americans say they have side conversations with someone else during conference calls.

It gets weirder: 22 percent of Hong Kong workers admit they weren't fully dressed during their last teleconference, while 14 percent of them were doing their makeup or hair.

Finally, seven percent of Americans admit they've left a call early -- the highest percentage out of all the countries surveyed.

NCBuy Weird News: Survey Reveals What Workers Are Really Doing During Conference Calls - 2003-11-21

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Heh! I've taken conference calls from home dressed,undressed, in bed and out. Making breakfast/lunch, cups of tea etc are also the norm.

Often I find I'm interupted on calls, and whilst on mute have side conversations. Email/IM are also options.
I've only missed the mute once or twice, although one was pretty embarrasing as I got a call on my other phone from United airlines, and carried on a coversation whilst on speaker phone, unmuted on standards call. I heard them discussing muting me, and realised I'd dropped the mute when I shifted from headset to handsfree. Doh!

Typically anything longer than 45 minutes is tought to stay 100% focused on, IMO.

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