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RSS for Contacts

Not sure I want to send my contact details out by RSS. Now along comes Card File
Charles Coxhead comments that CardFile may also explore hosted FOAF files and is then looking to further at the ways to harness these networks. He's had little outside input. So go and give him some!

There are businesses that would benefit from "contact me" information.

CardFile is a system for subscribing to the contact information of friends and colleagues. These are delivered to your news aggregator as a single personalised RSS feed, which you can arrange alphabetically or probably more likely in order of most recently updated...in this way CardFile


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Thanks to feedback prompted by Stuart Henshall's post, I now have a few new items on the CardFile to do list... 1) Add an "FAQ/News" page...to provide more info on what [Read More]

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I agonised over the whole privacy issue myself, and decided that the best approach was to build in flexibility and let the users decided how they want to use it...

So, with Cardfile it is not necessary to make your contact info available publically. If you prefer you can just put a subscribe link into your email signature, such that only people you're actually communicating with with be able to subscribe, or you could just forward a subscribe link to your inner circle...Even if no one actually subscribes to your contact info they will be able to download your vCard from the subscription page.

And of course it is up to the user to determine how much or how little information is disclosed.

Thanks for your feedback, it is indeed appreciated.


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