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Great post from Patrick Dunn. WOMII --- "What of ME is It?

So we're ending up at the opposite end of the spectrum from WIIFM. We're now encouraging learners to ask "what of me is in it?" or WOMII. We're also at the other end of the spectrum from the simplistic, stimulus-and-response, behaviourist origins of WIIFM, however nicely it's dressed up in constructivist clothing. We're thoroughly in the situated learning camp. I'd suggest the shift of focus moves through four, thoroughly overlapping stages:

   1. What's in it for me? WIIFM motivation; individualistic learning
   2. What's in it for us? Teamworking; project and goal focussed
   3. What of us is it it? Collaborative learning and production
   4. What of me is it it? WOMII motivation; community and process focussed

It almost goes without saying that a WOMII philosophy strongly supports the learner's metacognitive processes. The learner is going beyond the goal-orientation characteristic of WIIFM, to asking what of themselves is currently present in the thing they are learning about. What have they contributed? What is the process they are following, and where are they in it?

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