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Radio Userland --- New Management

I'm sure there was a sigh of relief from Radio Users today with the announcement of a new team at Userland. Still I can't help being surprised. The announcement is the usual PR Blurb profiling the new team. This is very disappointing for a company that helped to define blogging and blogging with a human voice.

I don't know the fellows involved, but they certainly had an opportunity to think about how and when they wanted the changes portrayed. To become CEO and not make the statement that we will lead "blogging" into the next paradigm is almost unthinkable. To not start of with a "blog" even if completely new to it does not bode well for the company or the future.

Can you imagine taking over a coffee company and not offering an expresso as an act of hospitality? Taking over a blog centric company and not blogging as your first act bothers me. It little signals that change real perspectives and build market momentum. I'm not worried if the new CEO has never blogged, I'm concerned that his first act was not blogging. Why not make your first post one that gets some input and suggests you are listening and learning? It's not hard to get into the heads of radio users and find out what they want improved. However you only have to listen for a moment to TypePad switcher to understand what some of Radio's problems are. Most of them are basic, the equivalent of keeping a dirty rundown store, poorly signed and with out of date stock. Radio still has one real advantage -- the integrated news aggregator. It's also cheaper than TypePad.

I started my first blog with Radio. After one month I moved to MT and ran them both in parallel for four months. I liked the aggregator. My marketing perspective then was they didn't listen to their customers, the instructions were difficult and confusing. The templates difficult to fiddle with. My perspective now is they still haven't recognized the need for a Marketing function. Maybe that too is on the CEO's agenda! I hope so for I believe that Radio remains a strong little brand.

Meet the new team at UserLand. Scott Young is CEO. [Scripting News]

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For what it's worth, both Scott Young and Scott Shuda have Radio weblogs:



You might want to post a correction.


I appreciate the note and am thrilled to learn that they both have blogs. I checked via Google and didn't find them at the time, checking today they are now well down my first page list and some new linking strategies in recent posts are obviously providing some visibility. I'll look forward to reading more.

I hope there is never another PR announcement on Radio that fails to link to blogs. For me "Radio" is all about "blogging values", and my experience has been that many "radio" users understand those values. I think that's important competitively, and as an opportunity. Like the rest of the blogging community, I'm on their side. I don't really want them to put a foot wrong.


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