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VoIP - Dialing & Always On

Is it time for a new "always on" study? Andy Abramson picks up on the BBC link below on VoIP and how new programs like Skype are changing the meaning of dialing or making a call. Still the premises behind the article stay remain very much within the boundaries of thinking about phones as phones. I believe that more fundamental shifts in behavior are afoot.

The contrarian would consider whether "always on" changse access in ways that infact make getting to a person more difficult rather than easier.

Imagine a world in which,,,,, you are in a series of online conference calls. Some are almost permanently on. You can no longer dial me.... the question is whether you can get access to one of my conferences. You might just need a little social networking product to help you find someone out over the network. May have to holler, just like trying to locate someone on a playground.

The BBC Magazine has an interesting discussion story about VoIP and how it is changing communications.

By recognizing that the paradigm has changed from dial, talk, hang up, it is showing that how voice communciation is changing.

Free services like Skype, SipPhone, Firefly all now mean that instead of typing and chatting via an IM client, you can now "talk" to the other party in real time. For those who are "always on" the phone becomes less and less of the primary means of communication with tools like email and IM at their disposal. Now with high enough voice quality being available for free think of these new VoIP services as the intercom for the distance workers.

[Andy Abramsom]


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Hoot and Holler

Popular in the 80’s/90’s and around today; hoot and holler networks provided services to Brokerage Houses, Commodity Traders, Recyclers and Automotive and Airline parts traders, these industry’s needed immediate confirmation, essentially they acted as an “always on” conference allowing one of the first virtual businesses to exist. They are once again gaining popularity as the quality has improved using more advanced digital voice cards, with echo cancellation and with the dedicated costs of leased voice lines in the US, not so much in Canada.

Do these guys know about Skype? A hoot and holler network, traditionally has been rather expensive – now that it is practically free for everyone to use – how soon before this very effective communication concept of always on conferences in various industries takes flight? It isn’t a new idea, but a great example of how Skype will find its niche, as we all have a voice – and like to use it.

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