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My UnBlogged List

I just thought I'd compose my unblogged list tonight. It's a place setter if nothing else. It has no live links. The still unblogged:

  • An update from Tech-Muck, particularly a dicsussion with Etienne Wenger on Identity Theory.
  • The changing face of conferences. What happens when everyone is web-enabled and using a wiki? What happens to the flipchart activities? How does it impact on listening?
  • Holding the Crest Spin brush. Power is going into consumer products, particularly those where tools can be enhanced.
  • Stowe Boyd covered Gush a two pane IM system in great detail. I'm going to be trying it out.
  • Jerry Michaelski shared his brain at Tech-Muck --- really I mean "the Brain" program. Jerry just has more entries than anyone else. However it makes for an interesting possible directory interface. It's also short sited not to connect it to Blogs and RSS feeds.
  • Ah then there is a new search program. Eurekster. Not sure I want to share my searches with everyone. Still will check it out.
  • Then it is time to consider Google's future strategies. Orkut is a bigger play than just social networks. Potential it is a gateway for tomorrow phone system. Watchout!
  • Blogging - simply what I've learned recently doing a couple of simple installs.
  • How social networks are changing the definition of self. And a follow-up to Danah's ETech paper.
  • Jon Husband and connecting to the game of life.

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    If you want to check out Eurekster, you need a network to see how it works. It isn't the easiest thing to get one going, since everyone is sick of inviting their friends to social network sites. Let me know if you want to join mine. I have 25 Eureksters. http://eureksterblog.blogspot.com

    Hi Stuart,

    re the Brain.
    What I would like to see is Wikis made navigable like the Brain, with Blogs as outputs lineair in time, and RSS feeds as outputs for topics, comments, changes you, name it. And RSS as inputs would be great too....incoming feeds, I pick the interesting stuff and incorporate it in the Wiki immediately.

    Blogged it recently here: http://blog.zylstra.org/archives/001146.html

    Also see the comments there for some interesting links.



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