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Skype Hype or Gripes

I was going to write about Clay Shirky's latest musings much earlier in the week. They were very much in tune with my last Supersonic Skype post. For the VoIP incumbants and traditionalists it must come as quite a shock. Skype regularly has a quarter of a million users online at anyone time. We know that millions have signed up and are experimenting. On uptake my sense is Skype adoption is again accelerating. Those that tried it early on and failed to find enough fellow users appear to be coming back again to try the latest conferencing capability.

However some weeks go by and not much is newsworthy. So it's a judgement call when I say my Feedster RSS link for Skype is now capturing many more Skype entries than it was preconferencing. I do wonder when I can graph Feedster links on a week by week and moving average basis for a particular topic area. My Skype gripe of the week and an easy one to fix or provide an option for. Skype in your text messaging box please set hotlinks to open a new browser window when clicked! Alternatively make it optional.

Another Skype aspect that doesn't get the number of complaints it should is the operating system. Oh there is the odd post in the forums. However, real users know it's no good just having a Windows based phone system. Like Office works on a Mac I must have Skype working on both OSX and Linux. I have too many friends on Apple boxes. Many of the most influential bloggers are on Mac's so either connect it to iChat or fix the problem.

Then there's one aspect that comes back from time to time. Skype's Eula by Scott Mace See this post by David Isenberg who says let's not go crazy. So now we have a typicaly example of a recycled post that may or may not be consistent with the current EULA. I know of no spyware. The lawyers are just making their $$$.

Clay on Plans:

The only thing that might save Plan A from death by delay is evidence that users are adopting Plan B in large numbers, using the internet for voice applications completely outside the framework of telephony as we've known it for more than a century. We should all hope that happens, because if wide adoption of Plan B convinces the regulators and incumbents to acclerate their VoIP offerings, the users benefit. And if it doesn't, Plan B will be all we get, so we may as well start experimenting with it now.

Business Week on Microsofts low profile with their LCS server play. Will Microsoft's commitment to SIP help or hinder them? SIP may keep their partners happy and be a fob for the FCC etc. However is it restricting the types of products we really want to use?

Microsoft: Your Next Phone Company?It's keeping mum, but the giant has already introduced software that could turn into the killer phone application
BW Online

Via Smart Mobs on the FCC:

As Robert Atkinson, formerly with the FCC and now policy director of the Institute for Teleinformation at Columbia University put it, "The idea of two people talking to each other on computer doesn't matter much."What does matter is if voice becomes instantaneous and transferable over all sorts of devices over all kinds of networks -- computers, cell phones, pdas, and regular old telephones.That's what opens the way to a host of new programs and applications and communications advances. (..)

But even in the friendliest of federal hands, two big hurdles could block VoIP from truly transforming the face of communications.One is access charges for interconnections and universal service. And in addition to the economic hurdle, there also is a technical one which is actually connected to wiretapping as a primary tool for law enforcement. By Duane D. Freese TCS: Tech Central Station via Smart Mobs]

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