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iTALK2U - Skype Clone?

Is the P2P telephony space too crowded? Here's a potential Skype twin that may just emerge. Litfiber has announced iTalk2u --- although no "beta" can actually be downloaded. Beta supposed to be released in May.


  • Litfiber recently went public,
  • All Litfibers announcements have a strong "Homeland Security" emphasis. This may be politics. It may also suggest a new political play in the VoIP arena. (What do others know?). Now what sort of Spyware are we talking about? What's this mean for iTalk2u?
  • If Litfibers strategy is to own the towers (their site says 200 but from a source I heard they control 2000? of 2600 nationally??? a key footprint) then this is not just a Skype play but a WAN development to really fill their 770 strand highly underutilized pipes.

    From their site.

    Litfiber is proud to announce that it will be releasing its BETA of its new VOIP product iTALK2U in May 2004. The product will be based on two initiatives while focusing on its users needs:

    (1) Homeland Security: The number one concern associated with any large organization is communication, also the need for security, speed, quality, hardware cost and bandwidth cost to name a few.

    If that’s not enough, What communication suite can offer features that include all that a major Telco would offer? Includes all of the security features that a government institution would require and provide a solution to have low maintenance, bandwidth and hardware cost?

    (2) General Public Use : The number one concern to a public user is "ease of use", with the introduction of ICQ, AIM, Kazaa, Skype, MSN messenger, Yahoo and "Multi IM's such as GAIM and Trillian to name a few, multi user communication seems to be a very important issue with the internet user.

    Among other growing concerns is privacy: NO "Spyware" or "ADWare" or ect...ect...

    I think the question to ask is why so many products? Is it that no one has built a product that services all the needs of a internet user? Is it that cost is prohibitive to a end user or a service provider to implement?

    In steps “iTALK2U”! a new revelation in P2P communication to serve the Security industry as well as the common internet user.

    Here is a short list of some of the features:

    - Global users directory
    - P2P Platform
    - IM
    - VOIP Calling (PC to PC, PC to POTS, PC to Mobile Device)or any combination.
    - SMS
    - File Transfer
    - NSA1 encryption
    - E-Mail to Mobile Device
    - Customizable skins
    - Automatic program updates
    - Community input and more!

    See also the Yahoo Newsrelease, Additional Information

  • Litfiber Inc. (OTC: LTBI) is pleased to announce its new Peer-to-Peer VoIP application "iTALK2U". It delivers on the full promise of P2P architecture, and avoids its classic limitations.

    The benefit of Peer-to-Peer architecture is that it can grow to unlimited scale without corresponding infrastructure costs. The problem is that Peer-to-Peer architecture doesn't guarantee voice quality.

    iTALK2U will be hosted on Litfiber's world-class global network. The company's routers and superior software technology give priority to voice traffic, so that iTALK2U users experience audio quality equal to or better than the PSTN.

    John Jarvis, CEO of Litfiber stated, "Now is the time for mass adoption of VoIP." According to Nua Internet Surveys, 605.60 million people are connected to the Internet, Nielsen / Net Ratings has stated Broadband users at-home grew 49 percent year-over-year, while narrowband users declined 12 percent during May 2003. There are 39 million, or 13 percent of Americans, connecting via broadband in the U.S., the highest number to date. "Our VoIP technology is mature, the quality of our service is comparable to conventional phones and our feature set is compelling, not to mention the price."

    Jarvis added, "The business model is based on Metcalf's law: the value of a network is based on the square of the number of connected users. We will use P2P to scale that number very high. But our costs won't scale proportionally."

    Gavin Hall, Litfiber's VP of Engineering, added, "The iTALK2U product will lead the industry in features with PC to PC calls for FREE, File transfer, IM, Global Directory and in the coming months we will add A/V conferencing, calling to/from the PSTN, SMS, mobile device to PC, and other combinations."

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