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Perfect Pitch Competition

The perfect pitch. I was away in Mexico when this Perfect Pitch number was cooked up. I thought it was a great idea and came back to find so many bloggers I know on the judging panel. In fact there were so many judges that I can only begin to imagine how hard it might be to judge this competition. So time to have a little fun. May as well toss out my two cents into the blogosphere while they are deliberating so to speak. Judith my apologies for not submitting an entry. I was a little busy last week.

The criteria was:

A business executive, with whom you have been trying to arrange a meeting, is available for a condensed pitch from you on a one minute elevator ride. It is your goal to convince this attentive business leader who has heard about weblogs, and in fact reads a few regularly to sponsor and resource a critical mass of weblogs in his/her organization so that their benefits can be demonstrated in a meaningful way. The Social Software Weblog

My two cents:

Hi Jason, I want you to begin blogging... it is going to change your life...

It will mean some changes to in the way you and the organization handle information....

However it is the only way to compete in tomorrow’s world. It's not that bloggers think faster or believe they are really an elite group.

Their competitive advantage comes from how they share and influence

Leaders blog. My job is to get you blogging. When can we start?

Ah 77 words. That fits the criteria. What makes me think this is a winner? The idea that we must look to the future. That blogging is a leadership tool. That accelerated knowledge sharing is central to harnessing the organizations collective intelligence. Thus competitive advantage or at least collaborative advantage. That bloggers aren't an elite. And of course I said it didn't I?


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