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Feedster RSS Meskill

I found myself texting with Judith Meskill today and ended up adding a Feedster RSS search for her to my newsreader. She's a good example about what I'm about to write and the next little enhancement I may want from my Feedster!

Judith has a personal blog and writes for The Social Software Weblog as well. So currently I have two feeds in my newsreader. She may well have other blogs as well. Still she's out there networking many posts and is often picked up by other bloggers. So the little secret is I keep a small elite list of named blogger Feedster RSS search feeds. Judith was added to it today. As I'm sure I've noted before it's one way for me to keep track of other blogs that mention me. Otherwise I might never see the notification especially if I don't see the trackback.

I'm going to watch this new feed and see if I get all her posts plus those that reference her thinking at the same time. If it's 95% effective I could simply delete the classic RSS feeds. The only downside is Feedster doesn't report in real-time.

So the opportunity exists for Feedster to create a Feedster Subscribe button which I can add to my RSS options in the top corner of my blog. Of course I could do this now. Just would add one more level of choice. Short Extracts, Full Posts and a Feedster RSS link for subscription that returns what references and links are floating around me. In fact I should be able to define the feed myself on Feedster, check the returns for the last n posts and then if it is what I want to offer to my readers simply collect the link details and add them to my blog template.

There are two real benefits to this. I get a better view of who is linking to the blogger I'm reading anyways. This may enable me to shink the number of peripheral feeds as they are being captured fairly effectively by this supernode, thus enabling me more time to capture data in more diverse areas. Then second, having a better sense of who is blogging friends means you can offer that as a conversation piece! Hey neat piece by X....

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Interesting... Let me think about thsi over the weekend. Thanks for the idea.

And thanks again for your support. Much, much appreciated.

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