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P2P Music and VoIP

I brushed over the Morpheus Voicebox announcements yesterday as not really all that interesting. However today I saw moves by Net2Phone announced TCMNet and WiFi Planet. All these mention I2Telecom and Net2Phone who is now obviously making a larger strategic play.

Boardwatch today also provided the news that Sharman Networks is working to add Skype to the file shareing program Kazaa.

VOIP is emerging as a new line of business for many file-sharing companies. Sharman Networks Ltd., a StreamCast rival, is developing a version of its Kazaa P2P file-sharing program that comes integrated with Skype, a VOIP software program created by Kazaa's inventors (see Skype Me? Skype You!). In March, StreamCast launched a version of Morpheus that includes Morpheus VoiceChat, a VOIP software program from Talking Tech Enterprises Inc.

Unlike Morpheus VoiceBox, Skype and Morpheus VoiceChat run on PCs and let users talk only with other users of the programs. The VoiceBox is the first foray into hardware reselling by a P2P company.

href="http://www.boardwatch.com/document.asp?doc_id=51527">Boardwatch: Analysis of telecom software, services, and strategy

BTW. Kazaa integrating Skype if approved by Skyper would bother me. I think there are better options for "music" relationships that use Skype. Skyper better be careful with that one.


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What worries me most about all this integration is that it's easy to mess with user experience. I like Skype because it's basically a way to talk with people. Easy to use, and the only learning curve has to do with gettting headsets and computers organized for easy operation. Voice interaction + music sharing feels like another example of premature integration: putting things together before we have any real experience with them on their own. But, hey, it just might be my own technology interaction style and habits. But I still worry ....

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