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Comment Spam Control

Iíve been down in the Arizona desert and watching my blog collect or is that attract comment spam as if it was a sweet sticky desert for all spammers. Iíve said before that this is wrecking blogging and certainly kills the conversational aspect.

Are some blogs more attractive to spam? Why me? At the rate of last weeks spam it began to feel like a personal attack. I finally had to turn off the e-mail advice for new comments when I was receiving 3-5 comment spams per minute for over eight hours. Each was from a different DNS. With a combination of MT-Blacklist and MT-Bayesian Iíve been able to correct the 3000+. Still it is the usual time waste.

Iím still ambivalent about MT3.0 Iíll probably upgrade although recent searches suggest that there are no realistic solutions yet for comment spam.


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