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Skype 1.0 Released

Skype releases Version 1.0 including SkypeOut which enables PSTN calls. I hear there is a revision coming in the rates although they are not currently available on the site. Maybe something to do with Slashdot. Some recent new features.

File TransferFile transfer is an expected addition. The question is whether the file transfer is slowed down or managed so as not to affect audio packets and sound quality. File size is limited to <2mb, thus music sharing is out. ( I got this wrong. 2GB and sending a large file is no problem.)
SkypeMe StatusI'd like the opportunity to personalize my own away message. Similarly, an SMS inhancement like Yahoo's could add a further additional revenue stream
Splash Screen PlacementFinally you can locate Skype where you want on a second monitor
New EmoticonsThink they still need a new artist. There should be a row option so all are visible without a click option first
PSTN Error MessagesI'll have to do some more experimentation to understand the changes

Skype - Release Notes

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