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Business blogging hits the headlines in this week's Business Week. It's a nice article and suggests a new opportunity. To my knowledge no one is yet syndicating top CEO blogs. The url www.ceoblogs.com is available! So here it is. Create a syndicated blog forum that captures Fortune 500 CEO blogs. By aggregating CEO blogs you get some unique opportunities. Afterall all you are doing is aggregating their blogs. They don't like it... they can stop blogging. Centralizing the most important ones will add new perspective to the investment community, corporate direction etc. The Fortune 500 is just one slice of this. CEOBlogs can be sliced by country, industry, turnover etc.

The criteria is they must be written or audioblogged by the individual. No ghostwriting. They must have a bi-weekly average frequency to stay on the list. When the list volume needs managing readers will become involved Slashdot style. There will be a special section for "registered analysts" comments. Blogs will be assigned industry categories etc. The site may also provide some interesting traffic data. Additionally most commented on... most trusted etc could emerge.

"There's no fundamental difference between giving a keynote speech in Shanghai in front of 30,000 people and doing a blog read by several million people,"

Sun expects to start supporting staff blogs within a month, according to Schwartz. Employees won't be censored, they'll only be warned against releasing confidential information. "There's no better ambassador for Sun Microsystems than an employee," Schwartz says. BW Online | August 9, 2004 | Blogging for Business

Benefits for Ceo? More exposure, part of a syndication. Come closer to people seem more personable. Downsides? CEO's may have to understand what other CEO's are saying. For all of us..... Perhaps the majority of CEO's are boring and can't write.

So if you are a CEO and don't blog you and your company are not in the rankings. That would be like missing out on Google rankings. CEOBlogs could provide the indices. Similarly, Technorati may uncover new "influence" pools. The owner of CEOBlogs may just write one little summary per day. That would create some real value.

Who could do this? I'd think it may be an interesting addition to Feedster. Then it would also work in the world of Corante. For example CEOblogs - Corante. I'd also think that Weblogsinc could execute on this as could Red Herring. In the end one will win. While giving the idea away.... I do realize that this is potentially a powerful network enabler. To run CEOblogs may bring you into contact with 500 of the most influential business leaders over time. Providing critical feedback would only enhance your position. There is a business here!

Perhaps Jonathan Schwartz should put up the money to kick this off!


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Do you want to build and manage a feedpaper directed at this purpose? We'd happily put up CEOs.feedster.com for you and let you white list any CEO blogs you found appropriate.

heck stuart, all of the industry leading weblog publishers that you mention above, plus the fabulous feedster, topix.net, and a host of other search and new aggregators could begin to host ceo weblog posts and/or feeds and still not cover all of the ceos who will eventually begin to blog out of necessity as they wisely begin to pick up the gauntlet thrown down by jonathan schwartz... (-:=


Check this out - http://prplanet.typepad.com/ceobloggers/ - looks like someone turned an idea into action ?

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