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Recent links on P2P.

One application I can already predict is a micro-Napster like file sharing system, which streams instead of shares files based on these breakthroughs. So with only 128 megabytes of memory you could have a decent jukebox to share with people Om Malik on Broadband: When P2P Goes Mobile

We chose file sharing to illustrate how SIP can be used to build an alternate P2P application, but file sharing itself is not the point --- file sharing, of course, has been done. EarthLink SIPshare demonstrates that it is conceivable that voice over IP, where voice is just content of a different form, itself can be implemented using SIP in a fully standards-based P2P network. In other words, the effect of Skype, but with one important difference: using standards-based protocols, as EarthLink SIPshare does for content sharing.
Mr Blog

Grouper is a P2P software application that allows users to share their personal media within private groups. Using P2P technology it connects users directly to friends hard drives allowing the sharing of large files in an encrypted environment. The Social Software Weblog

I stumbled across an interesting group today, at www.onlinestatus.org, which provide a free service allows its users to indicate there presence on the major instant messaging services: namely, AIM, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, MSN and Yahoo. I added the status indicators... Get Real: r

Unlike other social software, AllPeers does not rely on a central server. Instead, users manage their profile and other information and media locally. Users can choose precisely with whom they want to share specific information or files. The Social Software Weblog

But the Internet brings us a new kind of software: software that's about human-human interaction. When you're writing software that mediates between people, after you get the usability right, you have to get the social interface right. And the social interface is more important. The best UI in the world won't save software with an awkward social interface. It's Not Just Usability Joel on Software

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