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Linksys and CallVantage.

Andy writes that the convergence between Call Vantage and Linksys is a perfect marriage. Frankly I'm not sure I get it. Is everyone who sells a router now going to give away the phone portion of the component with the hope we all engage a VoIP provider? Why can't ATA boxes mimic Skype or alternatively use a SIP registry like FWD? How difficult is it? Why don't Linksys, NetGear and others just provide free telephony? Plug your cord into the router and viola the phone rings. All part of the initial router setup. No fees unless you want to connect to the PSTN. Want more there are options.

This is a short-term offer. It will be obsolete well before this time next year. The only way for them to make this much more appealing is to enable "free calling in network". Now that would be a typical telephone company strategy. Buy two routers and sign up for two accounts and you can call your friend for free.

More appliance options for VoIP are coming. What's being identified here is that people turn off their computers but never their routers and modems. Phone services that run with a cable or use WiFi will just become a one-time payment. It's getting easier to give up that landline everyday.

Linksys to Deliver New Home Networking Options for
AT&T CallVantage Service

Wired and Wireless VoIP Devices Simplify and Enhance
Home Networking and Broadband Phone Service

AT&T and Linksys®, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc., today announced the offering of new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices that combine the capabilities of a wired or wireless router with an analog telephone adapter (ATA), giving AT&T CallVantageSM Service customers simplified options for their VoIP home networking needs.

The new AT&T CallVantage Service Certified Linksys equipment consist of a Wired Router with 2 Phone Ports and a Wireless-G Router 2 phone ports, which will be available in retail outlets by the end of October.

These new devices help eliminate the need for multiple devices for broadband telephony and computer networking when a user wants both. In these situations, these devices make it easier and more economical to set-up AT&T's broadband phone service solution.

[VoIP Watch] (post cut by me)

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Re: Free

Someone has to pay for it. Someone has to maintain the infrastructure. Free users never convert to pay....not enough to make a profit.

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