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Dave Winer SkypeCasting Interest

Dave Winer picks up on using Skype for Podcasting and wants an easy solution. Actually I'd be interested to hear how the Mac community is working the Skype to mp3 to Podcast. Aren't Mac's supposed to be easier? Still the point i wanted to make was the immediacy in which audio can be blogged as quick updates or mini briefing. For immediate Eric Rice is leading with mobile phone calls to Audioblogs. It's one area where we are all going to need more stories to make it work and see it in action. It's still much easier to scan text, and yet audio brings a sense of presence unique to the medium.

Speaking of Skype, I wonder if they know how central they've become in the podcasting world? One feature to die for, a way to record a call to an MP3. I'd be happy to meet with people from the company. Are they in Silicon Valley?Scripting News: 12/21/2004

Dave followed up this note with a prod at all of us who don't read RSS 2.0 specs and just copy, paste and go. The points confirmed what I learned last night without reading the manual that RSS 2.0 only wants one enclosure per post. I don't read my manual for the DVD, the VCR, etc, --- just about anything I buy at least until I want to do more or I'm having problems. I almost never for software. I simply learn by using. So paste in MT-Enclosures and you are in business.

What did amaze me was the number of new subscriptions I got to the RSS 2.0 index.xml feed last night.

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