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Best iPod Product at CES?

Image(293).jpg I like the off the main path alleys at trade shows. On the fringes of the Innovation tent I discovered iJet a wireless RF iPod remote. It may not sound all that special until you consider how small the remote may become.

iJet unlike Navipod which uses an IR (infared) control can operate up to a 100ft radius and controls 9 key functions. I'm sure the simple prototype displayed will soon have a market with Belkin or someone similar. What's so exciting is the size and the potential for the remote controls this device suggests. For example there is no reason that this control can't have a micro display. I like the iPod in my pocket, couldn't I just start changing tracks from my watch?

And with that leap I realized that a small remote device on my watch could could answer all those calls, mute the room, and really integrate switching from one application to another, whether using a headset or the room speakers. Hang-up forward, activate device all from my watch. Starts to change the dimensions of what I may consider carrying around.

Runner Ups on the iPod? There was iCruze from Monster Cable, and iPort in wall docking system from Sonance. Nothing like paying $300 for your iPod and then many times that to use it to extend the experience. Perhaps some of the simple cable organzers and dashboard clamps are more useful.

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