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SkypeCasting for Mac

Steve Gilmore shares a recipe for SkypeCasting on a Mac. It's a little more expensive than adding a few virtual cables to a Win PC. Still you purchase a fancy little mixer and a few cables in the bargain so it will set you back a few bucks. Then if you are in to podcasting, why not go for a star performance. As a set up it looks pretty straightforward and will enable you to become a podcast professional. I can't see any reason why this approach won't work for a PC too. So just to be hip I purchased the mixer which appeared good value. So I'll gain a little more control over the audio in future podcasts.

With Skype OS/X beta now supporting conference calls and GarageBand II shipping on Saturday, the time is nigh. Herea's Berlinda's Recipe, graciously assembled by David at my request because I'm too damned lazy to write it down: | Steve Gillmore>

Oh and if you had missed it Mac fans, Skype now supports conference calling on Mac's! Brilliant.

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