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SMS to Skype

Connectotel has launched an SMS to Skype beta service for GSM mobile phones. Say you have a buddy on Skype and you want them to call you on your mobile. Connectotel has the answer. Your Skype friend can now call you back from anywhere at SkypeOut rates. So if you want to receive SMS messages on Skype then add the Skype contact "smsgateway" to your contact list right now.

Setting up your mobile phone
  • Select the option on your mobile phone to add a new entry to the phone book sms to skype illustration
  • Type the name SMS To Skype
  • Type the number 447747782320
  • Save the entry to the phone book

    Setting up Skype:

  • Add the Skypename smsgateway to your Skype contacts. Anyone who wants to receive SMS to Skype messages must have this Skypename in their contacts list.

    Sending a Skype message from your GSM mobile phone
  • Select the option on your phone to send an SMS text message
  • Type the word skype followed by a space
  • Type the Skypename of the recipient followed by a space
  • Type the text of your message
  • When asked to type the number, select the SMS to Skype phone number from your phone book
  • Select the option to send the message

    You would like to send a Skype message to johndoe from your mobile phone asking him to call you. Here is an example showing the how the message would be written:

    skype johndoe Please call me
    Connectotel - products - sms - sms to skype

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    Technologically this seems VERY simple!

    1. Skype to SMS has one number (i.e. it could just be a GPRS/GSM modem sitting somewhere waiting for messages (the hardware costs are minimal))
    2. Then it relays the message to the skypename entered. I would think that this can result in spam from unwanted or blocked users.

    But then again, I don't know what goes on behind the scene ;)

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