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Share a Line? That's a Joke Right?

Who wants to share a line? I couldn't find Om's motivation to download and install Bellster and so far have quite happily managed to live without it. Still I'im usually one of the first to test these things. Even force them on my buddies. Not this time. So I've not tested it. After reading Andy and Aswath I'd still want to attempt a simple point. In a world of VoIP and Mobility (Cellular) who needs a line? And why would you want to set up a business to start sharing them cooperatively? It's hardly going to help the third world and locally in the US there really isn't the incentive.

So it would be great if it makes broadband more pervasive. There's certainly not a good argument for using Bellster to call foreign cellphones, many times they are very expensive to call in the home countries and thus hardly a local call. Finally, nothing, absolutely nothing promises me a better audio / sound experience. Telephony is supposed to be getting simpler, faster, easier to use and doing more things. Bellster just didn't smell to me like it was going to. Take a look at the setup guide.


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just like i listened to you and installed skype, i have to try everything. that was the motivation. i love the new look of the site . much easier to deal with and find the goodness. thanks for doing your thing!

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