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T-Mobile Service Sucks on Recent Calls

I'm a little mobile phone centric at the moment, the result of securing a new Nokia N90. This is a rant. It also highlights the problems that mobile operators seem to have. I've had consistent problems with the provisioning of Internet services. Particularly when I want to use my phone as a modem. I'm also an expert at understanding my phone's menu etc.

When I am ranting about poor T-Mobile customer service on this blog you can bet my patience has been tried. Just before leaving the US on vacation I wanted to insure that "ALL" the connections on the Nokia N90 were working. I'd had real problems getting the correct setting for the $19.95 unlimited Internet access plan which I use.

So I called T-Mobile and it took them over four hours to sort it out. They sent me wrong settings, they sent me to Nokia 2 times, they failed to make it clear which department they were sending me to next etc. That's right folks four hours of hanging on while working on other stuff and talking periodically. What's worse I don't think the organization learned from it. So they are no more prepared today for the next N90 customer that comes along than they were yesterday.

I did get my settings. I then arrived in London. I've had service in the UK and Europe on 3 previous occassions this year. No problems. No service at Heathrow, none in Richmond etc. So I Skype T-Mobile USA. They looked at the account and then swore that it was a network problem in the UK. I said I don't think so. They gave me a UK number that got nowhere. Later a T-mobile store said the problem was in the US. I call the US again. This time I specifically ask them to take off internationally roaming and then readd it. While on the phone with the operator it started working! Total wasted time another hour easy, plus lack of phone access.

I'm looking into Cingular now as my only real GSM alternative. The horror will be no better there. Note: The Nokia N90 is not an officially supported T-Mobile handset in the USA at this time.


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