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Naked Skype - Beneath the Sheets

Alec Saunders is quick to post a Skype change in 2.6 beta that I along with developers have lusted for. I know just how to put it to use. Alec says Skype Naked. On it's own it may not be enough to sway developer support. However, there's more coming.

One of the most requested developer features for Skype is now part of the Skype 2.6 beta.  Called “Silent Mode” it allows you to switch off the visible Skype UI within your application.  It’s the first indication that Skype will allow developers to separate the UI from the engine, and deliver what Peeter Mõtsküla  referred to last April as Naked Skype. Alec Saunders

I plan on putting it to use. Thanks Skype for listening!


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when I adjust the Beta to automaticlay send my sebcam when it is on automaticly answer call the cam does not go on when my wife call me, I have to hang up and call her so her 2.5 skype will send her cam and activate mine, it botherd me alot,also tolday my contact list is blank, that is weird,but the cam issue is very serious one.

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