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Skype 3.0 Dev Notes - Call Transfer 3.5

Skype 3.0 Dev Notes including one element I advocated and requested many times over. Call Transfer is finally here in the Skype3.0 API. That's a big deal and will grow Skype's appeal with developers who now have all sorts of call routing options. At a meeting in Estonia just over a year ago (that happened as the eBay sale was going through) a group long term adovacates put the case for it. I'm very pleased to see it has finally happened. I'll have some other comments on Skype 3.0 although I want to share them in a broader competitive context. My buddies at Skype Journal are writing plenty on the new public chat feature. See Phil and Jim.

See Alec's comment. Skype Dev Zone (lots re extras), Antoine's Dev blog

Skype 3.0 introduces the long-awaited interface to enable call transfer. Call transfer is being phased in over two releases, and won’t be exposed to users until the 3.5 release. The reason for this phased release is to ensure substantial penetration of Skype 3.0 among users, because call transfer requires that all parties are running Skype 3.0 or higher. Our goal is to enable you to start building and testing great new apps now which will be ready to blow peoples’ minds away when we release 3.5 next year. No more playing catch up with the client!

With the call transfer API, users can transfer calls to other users, and all parties receive status updates so they know the call is being transferred. Users can transfer calls to individual users or to a group. When a user transfers a call to a group, the first user to pick up takes the call.
  Skype Developer Zone Blog

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