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Outreach Suggestion for Global Voices

We are discussing "outreach" and how to get blogging out there. Perhaps the focus is too blog centric rather than one about empowerment. It's simply too hard to get villagers to blog. They don't have the skills, the background, the technology, nor the bandwidth. This suggestion is where and how to put

Let me offer a simple suggestion for global voices outreach. Encourage the development of an SMS program. Enable and empower people to send in comments, pointers for news and items that meet the mission.

In India SMS is already being trained to use SMS to respond to TV programs, provide or vote for outcomes etc.

The opportunity for each and every SMS is to provide a "thank you" SMS with every submission supplying and educating with each submission what gets real recognition. Plus each SMS could provides a link to where the SMS was posted. It could becomes a Twitter style blog for the individual. It also becomes a place / page where they can learn more about GV. People in their area, etc. 

Eg first SMS provides info on what GV is looking for and what policies  apply. Completely private unless there is consent / confirmation by SMS.

If you create / use a Twitter type network in the area GV members could then connect groups watching / looking at things in the same or a local area. Thus some filtering system. This is just simply swarms or Smart Mobs.

I'd like to see SMS augmented with free MMS for contributors who are already / qualified (ie x amount of time). I'd like to see more photos (worth a 1000 words) to capture people on a more gut level. In India many are getting both their first phones and cameras. A program that teaches them how to use them for change could be very powerful.

I'm attending the Global Voices Summit in Delhi!


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Hi Stuart

I agree with the suggestion you made regarding increasing the outreach.
The educated class should be encoyraged to blog first, students, learning professionals. It will be really great if students and teachers can discuss via blogs. Not only this corporates should encorage blogging as it helps in branding and building a better culture. Working professional should be blogging.
your suggestion of allowing blogging through SMS is indeed good and quick, which doesn't require much skills.

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