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One Year - Many Experiences

It is almost exactly a year since my Indian journeys began. It's been a fantastic experience, meeting many new people, learning about the culture and simply working here. I knew it was important to come, and it has changed my world views. There are more than a few blog posts in this sentence. They will have to wait.

I'm heading back to California after my longest stint in India. I've spent two weeks home since January 4th. The plan now is to spend more time stateside as we begin to roll out more tests with users while the focus for Equals will be driven out of the US. With the change I'm also putting  blogging back high on my agenda. While I've been reading I've been silent too long. I want to put my own slant on the "presence" story, talk more about identity, and just get back into the routine of blogging all the products and services I am still testing every day.

Lucky for me, Jo and Kerstin visited during the period and we did Golden Triangle of Agra, Jaipur and Delhi together. I don't think K will ever forget her experience. I know exposing her to India means she will never again take quite the same things for granted. In my book a big bonus!


Btw: For anyone visiting Old Delhi the cycle rickshaw is the best value tourist experience I think i have ever had anywhere. It is not to be missed.


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David Montgomery:

"It's been a fantastic experience, meeting many new people, learning about the culture and simply working here."

One of the great joys of blogs and other Internet-based technology is it allows us to share our experiences be they in our hometown or much further afield. Indeed, the Internet gives us the opportunity to dip our toes (at least virtually) in many different cultures without ever having to step outside our backdoor.

Nevertheless, if we get the opportunity and can take it then there can be little more rewarding for the inquiring mind then visiting and working in another country especially one very different from our own. We get a different perspective on the country we're visiting and more often than not then get a different view of our own country.

Technology is a great enabler for Knowledge Management yet people and the conversations they have are its lifeblood.although learning to talk and listen is something we develop early in life the arrival of technology has afforded new platforms for exchanging information so we need to learn how to be more effective when having these conversations online but also, if we want to be part of the global village, face-to-face. Learning how to have a dialogue is the basis of trust and trust is the basis of relationships including commercial ones.

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